To reach Tupungato you can do , if you come from the international route Mendoza -Chile , on Route 89, from Potrerillos , a gem of scenery and solitude , very close to the mountain , often with snow to the edges of the road, muchito cliff and some ripples . Large paperos fields alfalferos , frutilleros and alameros .
After cuarentaipico kilometers llegás the village of San José , just seven kilometers from the town of Tupungato , yes, the above: all rubble.

Also you can reach Tupungato on Route 86 , Los Cerrillos , perhaps the most tupungatinos we use when we come and go to the city of Mendoza : After a rather long and steep climb ( acordate you're coming to the Andes ) and a curvitas :llegás also ... San Jose ! seven kilometer stretch and the people ...

Another interesting option , a little aburridongui is Zapata, tiny town on the corridor Tunuyán - Mendoza, the road is good, is not too busy and the scenery is dilated, with vineyards and farms of tomatoes, onions and peppers ... you will pass the winery front Giaquinta and cerquita Factory KDS craft knives , from there to the central rotunda of the people, a nadita .

And there are still two entries: if you come from Tunuyán and you can not resist the urge to know the best department of Valle de Uco, entrá by " Furno " ( as he was before ) , pass through the village of Cordon del Plata and will soon be in Wine Rotunda (from there , the road up the mountain to let you live in the cabins ) .

And finally , you 're one of those rare guys who accessed the Historic Manzano , well, walking 32-33 kilometers full of beauty and wineries and always left the mountain path :you also get to the Rotonda del Vino, the surround a bit and yummsaquecito of a mile and you are at the Sweet ...

For those who stayed in the village ... : Walking the ten blocks from downtown, see the "cremme" Tupungato, until, after a small bridge over a stream , bend to the right , along the said stream, make that long block and around the corner , where there mini square, turning left (Roca street ) make kilometrito and a half and where to get ? . The Rotonda Wine ! ... thence up for The Winner (yes, what's the Winner ? ) up a sign , soon , I will say that little kick . Thereafter , arréglensela with owners that are scary!

If you prefer, you can use Google maps to guide you. Link Here.
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